Getting the right value for your car

The more information you can provide us with the more accurate the valuation.

* Detail any damage to the paint and outside

* List condition of alloys and tires

* List the interior condition of the vehicle

* List any mechanical issues you are aware of

* Include details all factory extras fitted
  to the vehicle

Examples being things like : Sat Nav, leather seats, sports or electric seats, xenon headlights, special paint finishes, sun roofs etc All valuations are carried out by a person, and not a computer - we aim to give valuations withing 48 hours of a request.

We love buying cars up to 8 years old and with a maximum of 80,000 miles (with evidence of service history).

In order to give you the fairest price for your car we need to know what condition it is in! 

Most of us love our own cars and tend to look at them through rose tinted specs, but to save time and possible complications when we get to see your car please detail the true condition of you car.


Even if you don't sell it now, it is always a good idea to 'know your car'!

Below are the other makes we buy - call us if you have a classic or commercial vehicle

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